Welcome to the Caltech Surf and Windsurf club

Who we are

Since the inception in 1985, the Caltech Surf and Windsurf Club has had two main goals:

  1. To make high value equipment available for rental at low cost
  2. To organize surfing and windsurfing lessons, club trips and social events for both members and non-members

Supporting riders of all kinds

Club membership is open to the entire Caltech/JPL community, including alumni and their families. The club maintains over 20 surfboards and 15 windsurf boards and rigs suitable for all skill levels. Also available are wetsuits, roof racks and other accessories, as well as one surf kayak. This makes the club a complete surfing and windsurfing resource for members and friends. The only thing the participant must provide is a willing body... and of course - a body of water.

Lessons and trips

For beginners we organize (cheap!) lessons at safe beaches with an experienced instructor, on equipment that is best for learning the skills. Read more about this on the lessons page.

Also, usually once a month, depending on the willingness of volunteering members, both surf- and windsurftrips are organized to locations known for excellent surf or windsurf conditions.

We welcome new members, but we even more welcome new volunteers! There are many ways to help the club and even earn some club credit, to spend on board rental. read more about that here.